Financial Planning

Potentially Minimise Your Tax with Planning Advice from Aqua, Your Local Experts, Based in St Albans

When you need independent financial advice on any matters relating to tax, we believe you couldn’t find more experienced consultants…

Tax is another complicated area and not one that you can leave to chance.

So, at Aqua we’ll work with you and aim to ensure that your financial planning is always as tax efficient as it possibly can be.

There are several types of tax that you might be affected by, including:

  • Capital gains tax
  • Income tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Tax implications from a divorce
  • Residence and domicile liabilities

At Aqua, we are always happy to have a chat about each of these, either as part of a general financial review or in relation to any particular issue you might have.

Detailed Analysis and Strategic Plan

The next is for us to process all the information we’ve collected, and using our in-house analytical tools, establish how your existing assets are performing against the agreed goals and assess your own individual ‘financial personality’.

The critical part of designing your financial plan is ensuring that there is a good match between your goals and the eventual allocation of our financial plan.

We’ll look back at how the most appropriate products have performed, although this only gives us a flavour of how they might work for you in the future. (Click [here] for image.)

So we’ll also look at forward financial projections across a variety of products, including equities, bonds, property and commodities, to give you an indication of how your investment portfolio might perform under a range of conditions, so that you can take a fully informed decision on how and where to place your funds. Click [here] for image.)

The end result of this financial analysis will be a proposal which will include a custom-designed strategy and financial recommendations for reaching the agreed goals. Click [here] for image.)

Presentation of Financial Proposal

Stage 3 is the presentation of our financial proposals, and we pride ourselves in putting forward financial strategies that are easy to understand and delivered in a simple, straightforward manner. Click [here] for image.)

The proposal will be in written format and can be presented face-to-face or by email; whatever suits you best.

We keep a copy of these recommendations, along with any important documents you have supplied, on our secure servers, so they can be accessed by you or us (and only you or us) using password-protected codes.

Ongoing Financial Planning

We want the relationship between us to be a long term one, so to add value to the partnership, we have regular reviews to evaluate whether your personal circumstances have changed, and we will constantly re-visit your financial plans to check they are still in line with your goals.

Keeping you up-to-date with new products and changes occurring in the marketplace is just a part of our service, so we ideally like to meet every six months to carry out a financial health check and go through the latest offerings including mortgages, pensions, life assurance and more.

This way, you can be sure that your financial plan is on track, and that you’re getting the very best value from Aqua Wealth Management.

Dear Dom, Thank you for organising my pension, I was very impressed with your service and recommend you to colleagues and friends. You took the time to go through all of my requirements and circumstances in order to provide me with the best plan possible. Thanks again.

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